Daguerreotype by Mike Robinson, 2008.

Artist's Statement

A deep interest in history and archaeology brought me to the medium of metal.
So much of what we know about the past comes from small, precious objects of function and beauty.
I look forward to leaving a legacy of my own stories.


Sole Proprietor of J. Loose Design

B.F.A. in Jewelry & Metalsmithing


BFA degree at Maine College of Art, Portland, Maine, May of '93.
Major field in Jewelry and Metalsmithing, electives in Printmaking, Wood Structures;
Senior thesis: An Exploration in Niello.

Diploma, South Lakes High School, Reston, Virginia; active in various art programs, 1989.

Audited Continuing Studies Jewelry class with Komelia Okim at Montgomery College
Montgomery, Maryland from Feb '89 to May '89.


Collaborative Member, Arctic Fire 2016.
Grendel's Hoard.
Summer 2016.

Guest Speaker, Champlain College. "History, Mythology, Science and the Artisan."
Oct. '15.

Documenting Vendel to Viking Blades & Pattern Welding Consulting, University of Uppsala.
Sept. '15

Collaborative Member, Arctic Fire 2013.
Documentary Film: Artifacts From the Present.
Spring '13.

Guest Presenter, Arctic Fire 2012.
Topic: Making and Applying Niello.
June '12.

Art & Jewelry Instructor, U-32 High School.
January '09 to June '12.

Visiting Instructor, Viking / Migration Era Pattern-Welding. New England School of Metalwork.
May, '13.

Visiting Instructor, Bladesmithing. Peter's Valley Craft School.
Summer '06, '07, '08, '09 & '11.

Guest Speaker, Champlain College. "History & Mythology as Artistic Inspiration."
Oct. '11.

Consulting Editor & Subscriptions Manager for Vermont Commons,
the magazine of Vermont Independence.
January '05 to January '07.

Moderator for the Custom Knife Directory's General Knife Discussion Forum.
March '02 to present.

Moderator for Custom Knife Directory's Historical Inspiration Forum.
January of '03 to present

Secretary of the Green Mountain Blacksmiths' Association, dedicated to educating the
public about blacksmithing through demonstration. Fall of '00-'01

Active member in the Vermont Blacksmith's Group, Focusing on Central Vermont Smiths and
dedicated to sharing and exchanging information; Summer '99 to present.

Visiting Artist, teaching Jewelry classes at Shelburne Craft School, Shelburne, Vermont.
Fall of '97 to Fall '98.

Benchwork and Assistant Retail Salesperson (At various Craft Shows) for Jacqueline Davidson
July of '94 to Jan '99.

Assistant Retail Salesperson for Stephani Briggs, Jeweler
at the Washington Crafts Expo, Washington D.C., November of '92 and again in November of '93.
Same position at the Ninth Annual Crafts Park Avenue, N.Y.C., October '93.

Benchwork/Sales for Samuel Shaw Contemporary Jewelry, N.E. Harbor, Maine, Summer of '93. Seasonal position.

Teaching Assistant at Maine College of Art Pre-College program, Summer of '92.

Teaching Assistant at Maine College of Art Saturday School program, Fall '92 and again Spring '93.

Teaching Assistant at Maine College of Art Continuing Studies Adult Education program, Spring of '93.


American Bladesmith Society New England Hammer-in, July '12

The Serpent in the Steel, Solo show.
Grannis Gallery, Burlington, Vermont; November '07.

Invitational Artist, Vevring Utstillinga. (Vevring Exhibition.)
Vevring, Norway; September '07

New York Custom Knife Show, NYC.
'00, '01, '02, '03.

Blade Show 2002, Atlanta, Georgia.

Baltimore / Timonium Show, Timonium, Maryland; 2001.
North East Cutlery Collector's Association Knife Shows; 2001, '02.

Past & Present, Samuel Shaw Gallery.
Northeast Harbor, Maine; Fall of 01.

Night of 1000 Scars. Custom Jewelry.
Bodyart and Performance celebration at NYC's Webster Hall; October 1, 1997.

Jewelers & Photographers, Maine College of Art Alumni.
Davidson and Daughters, Portland, Maine; Spring of '97.

Custom Jewelry, Modern American Body Arts.
Brooklyn, New York; Fall of '97 to '00.

Metals in Motion: A New Generation.
Fibula Gallery, Portland, Maine; Spring of '93.

Senior Show, Graduates of Maine College of Art; Spring of '93.

Senior Thesis Exhibition, Maine Coast Artists, invitational; Summer of '93.