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-Bowies & Hunters-

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'Bill's Bowie'

Blade 13" ; Handle 6"

The Damascus is two 100 layer twists and a 24 layer edge laminate in a classic Migration Era / Viking Seax pattern. The handle is Sambar Stag with Sterling silver fittings including a carving of a bear on the pommel. The sheath is curly maple with Sterling silver fittings and silver Ourobos rings.

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'Finnish Inspired'

Blade 6.25" ; Handle 5"

This knife is inspired by the Saami traditions of Finland & Far Northern Europe. The blade is Turkish Damascus, or four bars of oppositely twisted 12 layer damascus. The handle is made of local curly maple & antler with a Sterling silver bolster, pommel & spacer. The handle swells at the end of the knife so one may draw it even when wearing mittens or gloves. There is a Finnish spectrolite set in the pommel. The sheath is made from the same piece of curly maple as the handle and there is a mother-of-pearl inlay of my maker's mark inset with cocobolo. The sheath sweeps at the bottom so it won't catch on any twigs or brush as one walks through the forest. The leather is vegetable tanned and the knife makes quite a satisfying *snap* when sheathed. A Northern King's Hunter!

'Oosic Hunters with Damascus & Sterling Knotwork'

'Oosic Hunter'

Blade 6" ; Handle 5"

The Damascus 48 layer tightly twisted 1084 and 15N20. The handle is Oosic with Sterling silver fittings; the bolster is the same Damascus as the blade.

'Damascus with Carved Skull & Moonstones'

Blade 3.5" ; Handle 3.5"

The Damascus is a 100 layer twist. The bolster is Sterling silver. There are four moonstones set around the bolster. The handle is Vermont antler with a handcarved skull in the crown. A black wet-formed vegetable tanned leather sheath accompanies the knife.

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