Bladesmiths' Forum
Home for wayward artist-bladesmiths. Thanks to Don Fogg.

Peter's Valley Craft School
I frequently teach Bladesmithing & Damascus Making here.

New England School of Metalwork
I will be teaching a Migration Era / Viking Pattern Welding class in May of '13.

Rockbridge Bloomery
An invaluable smelting resource.

Mediaeval Sword
Very informative site on historical pieces.

Peter Johnsson, Swordsmith
One of the foremost modern documentors of the sword.

Raven Armoury
Excellent swords. Great guys.

Jake Powning
Jake makes excellent historically-inspired swords.

Jim Kelso
Fellow Vermonter and excellent metalsmith.

Ric Furrer
Ric does excellent work. One of my favorite Mad Scientists. Did the Nova Ulfbehrt.

Michael Pikula
Michael Pikula makes incredible pattern-welded Viking swords.

Jesus Hernandez
Jesus turns rocks into swords.

Jeff Helmes
More nice Viking inspired work.

Petr Florianek
Petr makes blades, jewelry and leatherwork inspired by ancient history.

Dave Stephens
Alaskan bladesmith making nice swords. The power behind Arctic Fire.

Cedarlore Forge
David DelaGardelle making mythopoetic swords.

Owen Bush
English Smith- offers classes and great work.

Tai Goo
Coyote Spirit makes knives.

Nimba Forge
I like my anvil. Small shop in Washington state makes 'em. Buy one.

Blade Gallery in NYC