Making Stainless Damascus Rings

Slow Craft: a video of my stainless damascus ring making process. Enjoy!

Making Niello

Here's a video from Arctic Fire 2012 in which I demonstrate the art of niello. If you don't know, niello is a bluish black fusion inlaid alloy that has been in use since the Roman era and arguably, since earlier times in Egypt.

This is a short, 7 minute version, but you can see the full hour length version Here.

I did my Senior Thesis in niello in Maine College of Art in 1993.

Centrifugal Lost Wax Casting

Casting lost-wax bronze fittings for a knife sheath in a centrifugal caster.
Bonus Tale of the Wide Mouth Frog included for dramatic effect.

Late Night Musing on a Spring Mechanism Locket

Some very late night musings on a lock spring mechanism locket. Sometimes it's the simple things that bring great joy and satisfaction to metalsmithing.