Silver Drinking Horn Incoming

Here’s a drinking horn in what I’m calling Viking-Nouveau. Look to artists like Archibald Knox to see where I’m going here, but it’s thing I want to cultivate. I’m looking for a buyer who would like to do this in silver, with opal eyes as shown. There will also be a silver rim, and there are some casting sprue connections you can see that will be removed after casting. Will be traditionally lined in my own beeswax. Should be about 8oz of silver. Feel free to contact for inquiries.

Drinking Horns in the Works

Making some drinking horns for the Available Now page. The bottom one might get silver & opals if you’re interested… otherwise bronze. Aiming for Viking-Nouveau. The top one gets the Sigewif Elf-bee treatment. Keep checking for updates!

Damascus Rings

Stainless damascus ring set with gold & aquamarine

Still making some of the finest stainless steel damascus rings. All handmade here in my own shop, where I have been making them for two decades now. See my Damascus Ring FAQ for a very comprehensive discussion of why mine are better than the rest. See Ring Orders for any…

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Many New Torcs & Bracelets

I’m making more Viking inspired jewelry, and all of the pieces here are available. Bronze torc necklaces are $150 and bracelets $135. I can make them in silver for $350 and $275. The amber pendant is the badge from my in progress epic Sigewif bee poem, and there’s more coming……

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Wolf Torc Necklaces

These are some new designs I just finished up, and I’ll be doing more jewelry like this. There is a raven style as well. You can contact me here or go to my non-damascus ring Etsy store, linked at the side or at the bottom of the page, depending on…

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Working on some Axes

These are called shepherd’s axes, though they go by many names in mostly Eastern Europe. They are basically canes with an axe head, meant for self defense in the countryside. I’ve added some footspikes & decorative details. Very fun, and I always wish I could keep one, but they sell…

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Honey For Sale

I’ve got this year’s honey for sale… $20 per pint plus $10 for USPS Priority shipping. You can buy it on Etsy if you like: Etsy Store The honey has lovely citrus & malt note, from Vermont’s abundance of wildflowers. I keep my bees as organically as possible, and proceeds…

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