Ring Orders

Damascus Ring Pricing

$400 lined with Sterling Silver
$900 lined with 14k Gold
$1400 lined with 18k Gold

Stonesettings are $250 plus stone cost.

Rails are available:
$150 in Sterling
$400 in 14k
$800 in 18k

Gold is available in Yellow, White, Rose & Green.
Also available in 22k & 24k. Inquire for prices.

Ordering Procedure

My normal ordering procedure is payment in full, at which time I will send a set of ring sizers to you in order to make sure we are using the same exact scale. On confirmation of ring size we can finalize band width considerations and from then it will generally take 4-6 weeks for me to complete your rings. Each ring is custom made, by hand, in my studio.

I accept checks, money orders, Paypal, and also credit cards via my Contact / Purchase Page. Feel absolutely free to inquire there or call my landline at 802 583 1070 9 AM – 9 PM EST, 7 Days.

Sole Authorship

I make my own stainless steel damascus and do all work on my rings, from making the material to setting stones; although for high-end stone settings, I prefer a dedicated stone setter. I know the process from start to finish, inside and out, from blacksmith to jeweler. Very few artisans working in the medium may make this claim. Stainless damascus is much more difficult to make than carbon steel typically used for knives & swords. Most jewelers buy their stainless damascus from one of two factories, or from a few individuals selling it. Indeed, there are a bunch of online store fronts pretending that they are selling handmade damascus, but they all have the same exact patterns and designs. Please research, and you will see for yourself.

When you purchase a ring from me you are obtaining a unique, sole-authored & handmade piece from a full-time artisan, and not a factory computer assisted design, robot-milled ring being sold at handmade, custom prices.

Made For a Lifetime

My rings are guaranteed to last a lifetime, indeed, to become family heirlooms. I use only stainless steels guaranteed to not rust, tarnish or corrode when constructed for durability and permanence. All of my ring linings, rails, inlays & settings are soldered in place with high temperature jeweler’s solders, both silver and the correct karat & color match for gold. Many other makers simply press-fit their linings & inlays, allowing moisture to seep into the crevices and eventually cause problems, potentially even in stainless steels. See my Damascus Ring FAQ for more.

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