Bladesmithing Class

Photo by Albo Sudekum

Had a great bladesmithing student this weekend. We forge welded a high carbon edge on a wrought iron core and got a demo blade and a student blade completed. Next class will be grinding & heat treating. A full day is $200, plus materials. Please inquire for scheduling. I also teach jewelry, including casting & fabricating. One on one, or two good friends in my current space, with weekend accommodation available locally, or Summer camping here at the shop. Located near Central Vermont’s famed brewpubs!

New Blade Coming

Musing out this nice blade. 9″ blade, roughly 15″ with handle. Six bar construction, 5 for spine with center core and one homogeneous laminate for the edge. 1075/15N20. Could go bog oak, but tempted to go steller sea cow bone, both c. 3000 BC. Sheath colors would match. Silver with bog oak, bronze with sea cow. Theme possible for decorations. PM if interested.

Honey For Sale

I keep bees, and muse on them some; I will be making more bee jewelry, but I do have honey if you’re interested. $25 per pint for some of famed Vermont’s best honey, with a lovely citrus note. Shipping is $10 for the US. Go to the Purchase page and just put “Honey” in the Item Description. Feel free to ask any questions!

Offering Classes

Peter’s Valley Craft School Bladesmithing Class.

I will be offering classes from my studio as well as looking for opportunities to teach jewelry or bladesmithing. Great technique subjects would be lost wax / sand casting, pattern welding / damascus or bladesmithing. I have taught at Shelburne Craft School, Peter’s Valley Craft School, New England School of Metalwork, and U-32 High School art & jewelry. Check put the Classes section in the links, and feel free to inquire.

Many New Irons in the Fire

Had to take a bit of a social media break. Many bureaucratic fiascoes, Winter doldrums, website woes and not the least, quite an argument with my propane company, which ended with the state attorney general sending the local office a very satisfying nasty-gram on my behalf. Hark! For tomorrow I should finally be getting a new propane tank and a new supplier. In the meantime I now have gold, silver and steel on hand. The forge shall arise again.