Sigewif Bee Pins

I’m going to be making more jewelry inspired by Ancient things & maybe a dash of Art Nouveau. I like making swords and blades, but sometimes I get very, very sick of sanding steel. I can see why the Japanese just forge that baby and send it to a guy who likes that kind of punishment. I’m kidding, sort of… but honestly, I’ve never made money making blades due to the labor involved compared to my overhead, and yet with COVID killing the wedding band market, I need to find somewhere to go. So I’m looking to keep the blades fun, but tie them into repeatable design elements that can decorate a large piece, but also be sold as tokens of the project rather than wait for a magical collector to excitedly buy a piece that honestly needs to sell for at least several grand in order to get me close to minimum wage. Pieces like this can be used in many ways on many fun things I can imagine. We shall see!

So this image is going to be the symbol for the Sigewif project, and honestly, a personal badge for myself. I like it! It is inspired by a couple of gold plates from BCE Crete in the possession of the British Museum:

There are some other similar pieces opf jewelry from the era thought to represent the Melissae… the bee-maiden nymphs who fed infant Zeus on milk and honey.

May my new ventures prove as fruitful!

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