Secrets of Meadmaking

Pro tip for cold climates & mead brewing. Mead likes to ferment at 70-78F. In my experience, cold temps can extend the primary ferment by 3-4 months. When it’s well below zero here in the Green Mountains, I let the wood stove stoke overnight and the house can get down to 50. So I keep a cabinet with a towel for insulation and a $25 electric seed germination mat. It’s right at 78F. This mead will probably be ready in 3 months for a later addition of currant, elderberry, or blueberries… I haven’t decided yet but I have them all in the freezer from gathering last Summer. I have had great results adding fruit as the clean primary settles out, letting the ferment pick back up before bottling for a sweet, well carbonated sparkling mead. It could be drinkable by late Summer, and excellent by this time next year!

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