The Worst of Winter

We’re finally having a normal snow-year here in the Green Mountains of Vermont, and more of a usual blast of cold air. This week, the low temperatures will be down to -8 F, and the bees will have to cluster tight. I gave them all a knock to check in, and I still have four hives. The one in the middle died out early this Winter, and the one in the background is an overWinter double nuc… so they are small hives I started Midsummer paired together for warmth. The third hive back has some dysentery by the entrance and more dead bees in the snow than the other hives, but sounds strong. What we need after this cold blast is a couple days above 50, so they can have a Bee Poop day and resettle in. It will not be reliably nice around here for a few more months… but thus begins the Saga of Sigewif, in the depths of cold, death and hunger… life may yet begin anew.

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